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Par 3 Contest Rules


  1. Placards/marker sheets will be placed at the designated three (3) Par 3 holes prior to the round. The Outing Coordinator(s) will inform all players of the designated holes, which will also be posted on the PLGC website. 
  2. The player whose ball is closest to the pin at the designated Par 3 hole must log his/her name and the shot measurement on the placard.
    • If no measuring device is available, use a temporary shot marker (like a tee) to mark the location of the ball closest to the hole, and record the player’s name on the placard. Before putting, move the shot marker perpendicular to the putt line., and immediately after putting replace the shot marker to the original location. Before exiting the green, ensure that the placard is placed in line with the shot marker and the hole outside the putting surface. The succeeding flights will exercise the same procedure (if another ball is closer than the previous shot).
  3. In the event of two golfers having the same closest to the pin measurement or a tie in the same hole, both will be awarded their prizes.
  4. In the event of a hole in one, the player must log his/her name noting the shot as a hole in one and will receive a hole in one award at the end of the season. 
  5. The last flight must collect the placards from the designated holes and submit to the Outing Coordinator(s).