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Golf Etiquette


  1. Play within your ability and drive the ball within your range.  (Watch out for players up front.)
  2. Observe silence when a fellow player addresses the ball.
  3. Back tees and ball farthest to the hole have priority when driving the ball.
  4. Play ready golf.  Honor system need not apply if there is a mismatching of player’s caliber in the pairing.  Short distance hitter tee-off first and in all succeeding tees.
  5. Always repair ball marks in green.
  6. Do not drag, twist, and pivot your feet while in green.  Do not step on other player’s ball line.
  7. Remove pole only when all players are on the green.
  8. The closest ball to the hole man the pin.
  9. Putt through when a foot away to the hole.
  10. First golfer to hole out reinserts the pin to the hole.
  11. Exit the green as quickly as possible.
  12. Better player(s) scores the card.  Peer to peer review mandatory.
  13. Update score cards before the next tee.  Total scores correctly.  Sign, and co-sign score cards.